Noble Strength Way of Life

The Noble Strength Way of Life adds value to your life by:

  • Inspiring you with rich life lessons and habits from animals
  • Giving you a plan to help you live a life filled with consistent peace and prosperity
  • Helping you to enjoy relationships with self and others built on your inner strength
  • Motivating you to come back stronger from each challenge you face
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My New Family

Once I was gifted my life back, I met some very nice people. They all treated me so well and showered me with love. I did want to know if I would end up in a forever home. My foster parents, arranged for me to meet and greet a family in Nutley, New Jersey. I had never heard of this town since I was new to the area. Our first meeting was on October 30, 2011 after a significant snowstorm... Read my entire story

Have You Met My Brothers and Sisters?

Lots of pictures have been taken of me along this fine journey. Check out my Facebook Gallery

My Mission

As a survivor of the toxic gas chamber, my dad, Joe Dwyer, and I will…
  • Motivate students in schools to knock out physical and emotional toxins in our speaking series “Knocking Out Toxins”.
  • Help parents and educators become more effective in helping the students they care for.
  • Build a connection of students, educators, and parents who are inspired by our “dog’s view” lessons in our speaking series to help dogs in need through our rescue “Daniels Dream”
  • Remain committed to assist in the efforts to ban the gas chambers in our country.
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Is your family complete?

The Dwyer Family adopted me after hearing my story. They understand how important it is to adopt and save animals but more importantly they see the true benefits of completing their family with animal pals. Please Adopt

School time!

Hello Heroes!   I decided not to say “back to school” since can sometimes sound negative. I want you to be positive about another school year.

Change is happening again, going from summer to school time, and a new year with new things is going on.

I recently had a change too. My Dad was away for a while and now he is back home working hard. We will be seeing all of you again in October!

Being heroes means making good choices even when things are changing around us.

When you start classes, please be sure to be respectful to your new classmates. Making new friends is an exciting part of life.

Thank you for being heroes in my pack!

Love, Daniel


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Hello Heroes!

Hello Heroes!

When we last met, you were still in school. We talked about how we can all be heroes and I am sure you thought about some more ways while classes were still in session.

Now it is summer so things are a little different, but we still need to be heroes!!

With more time on our hands, getting into trouble is more of a possibility. This seems to happen to me when I’m in the house on a rainy day.

My Dad knows this so he makes sure I stay active by going for a walk as soon as possible and running through some sit and stay activities!

So, please stay active this summer, as it will help us be good heroes and will also help us feel well physically!

In addition, if you are walking and see a dog, please remember what I told you about the proper way to meet a dog you do not know. Ask first, then squat down and say hello as you approach the dog.

Most of all, this summer, I want you to have fun and enjoy the time off!!

I will see you soon!






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In the beginning…..

We all have a starting point in life where an event or individual gave us our “beginning”. My Dad’s was his brother, Fritz. He never referred to him as “his dog”, always as his brother, and that continues today. If not for Fritz, my dad would not be on his journey to promote my causes to help animals. Thank you Fritz!

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Beagle Freedom Project!

Hello friends!

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted, but I have been a traveling man! I was visiting family in Virginia and Indiana and then entertained guests up here in Chicago! Phew! Am I tired!!

Anyway, was browsing Facebook this morning and saw some wonderful posts about a pack of beagles that were recently rescued from their lives as lab rats. The Beagle Freedom Project ( is an awesome organization that helps to find lab beagles loving homes after their time in the lab is up. Recently 10 beagles were rescued from a lab in the San Diego area and all are looking for loving homes- so if you or someone you know may be interested, check them out! Here’s a great video of the gang in the outdoors!!!

According to their website, Beagle Freedom Project is a service of Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME). Founded in 2004, ARME is a nonprofit advocacy group created to eliminate the suffering of all animals through rescue, public education and outreach. ARME has found homes for thousands of homeless and abandoned animals! Woohoo!!

Ok- all for now as I am headed to Beaglefest by Midewest Beagle Rescue, Education and Welfare in Park Ridge, Illinois! So excited! Barroooooo!


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Fighting Pet Obesity

It is a battle most humans have faced – the battle of the bulge.  But what do we do when our 4-legged kids begin to put on a few pounds?    The Beagle Brigade’s Annie has fought this battle since she was 6 months old.   Momma has become a bit of a pro at finding ways to help Annie lose weight and keep it off.

The first step was finding the right food.  Many of the commercial foods on the market offer a “diet” variety, but the quality of the food isn’t always so great.  Come to find out a lot of the higher quality kibbles actually have less calories and are better for us.

After finding the right food, the next step is determining the right portion. You have to be certain not to cut it back too much or too fast.  Momma said that is the hard part because you want to see the weight loss right away and you think it will happen quicker if you feed them less, but that doesn’t work.  It takes time.  You have to just cut it back a little bit each day.

One thing you have to really be careful about is treats.  Treats can be loaded with calories.   Momma reads the calorie content of all the treats we get.   There are a lot healthy ones that have just a few calories each.   Sometimes they are small, but since they are low in calories we can have two or three and still maintain our figures.

Momma also found out that there are a lot of yummy fruits and veggies we can have that are low in calories.  Green beans, carrots, squash, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, snap/snow peas are just a few of our favorite veggies.  We get ours steamed in a big veggie medley, which we love, love, love.   Just like everything you give your pet, you should always do your research first.  For example, grapes are bad for doggies, but pineapple is okay.  Another big favorite amongst us beagles is pumpkin.  One tablespoon of canned pumpkin is only about 5 calories.  We say YUM!

Of course, there is another part of any good diet plan and that is exercise.  Walking is generally the first thing everyone recommends, but that isn’t always an option.  We love to run and chase each other, so we get a lot of exercise, but Annie doesn’t always like to play with us.  Momma had to look for other ways to help her exercise.  She found something called a buster cube.  You put the food inside of it and we have to push it around to get the food back out.   It drops a few pieces of kibble out at a time.  Another easy option is throwing a ball for us to fetch or playing tug of war with a rope toy.   Even just a few minutes of play each day will help burn those calories.

Finding the right balance isn’t always easy and not all things work the same for everyone, so it is best to find what works for you and then stick to it.  It will keep your puppy dog healthy and extend his/her life.


(Please note that you should always consult your veterinarian before starting your pet on any diet or exercise regimen.)

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Opening Doors!

When the door opened I was alive and wagging my tail. Now We are seeking to open many promising doors to help animals. Door number one is to close down the use of the gas chambers in states that still use it. Door number two is to promote adoptions. Door number three is to promote spay/neuter. Door number four is to treat animals like valued/loving family members, and Door number five is to awaken people to learn great life lessons from their animal companions. Join us to roll through these door who knows what door is next??

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Another Step on My Journey

Hi Friends, furry and otherwise! I want to thank all of you for reading my first blog post on Daniel’s web page. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy following my story.

My favorite sentence is, “Jake, you’re such a good boy.” My mom says that a lot. I always try hard to live up to her praise. But things weren’t always this way.

The young man who had adopted me called me Rudy. But he didn’t have much time for me because his work kept him away for many long hours. I was lonely and I needed something to do while he was gone. He didn’t leave me chew toys, so I kind of invented my own. He said I was ruining his house and all his things and he couldn’t keep replacing what I destroyed. I don’t think he understood how to help me be good. If he’d bought me a few toys, it would have been cheaper, and I would have been a good boy. He decided I was just too much trouble for his busy life.

Back I went to the dog warden. She and the humane society people who helped her with dogs didn’t want me to stay in the cold barn that was used as the dog pound. So I stayed at her house while everyone tried to find me a forever home. Again. I had lots of dog companions there of every shape and size. It was fun playing with them and we had plenty of toys! I didn’t mind sharing, but I knew that this wasn’t my home and I couldn’t stay forever. Somebody out there would see what a great dog I was. Wouldn’t they? But as many days passed, my ears drooped more and more in sadness as I wondered if it would ever happen.

One day, a young woman scooped me up and hugged me and called me “Jake.” I liked my new name. Was my new home going to be my forever home? I sure hoped so.

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