About Jake

I play with my three best friends, Bodhi, Freddie, and Gina. They're all rescued dogs, too. I'm black and white with a curled tail. My favorite nap spot is on the couch or anywhere the sun is shining. My age and origins are a mystery. I'm a happy-go-lucky type with a smile for everyone.

Another Step on My Journey

Hi Friends, furry and otherwise! I want to thank all of you for reading my first blog post on Daniel’s web page. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy following my story.

My favorite sentence is, “Jake, you’re such a good boy.” My mom says that a lot. I always try hard to live up to her praise. But things weren’t always this way.

The young man who had adopted me called me Rudy. But he didn’t have much time for me because his work kept him away for many long hours. I was lonely and I needed something to do while he was gone. He didn’t leave me chew toys, so I kind of invented my own. He said I was ruining his house and all his things and he couldn’t keep replacing what I destroyed. I don’t think he understood how to help me be good. If he’d bought me a few toys, it would have been cheaper, and I would have been a good boy. He decided I was just too much trouble for his busy life.

Back I went to the dog warden. She and the humane society people who helped her with dogs didn’t want me to stay in the cold barn that was used as the dog pound. So I stayed at her house while everyone tried to find me a forever home. Again. I had lots of dog companions there of every shape and size. It was fun playing with them and we had plenty of toys! I didn’t mind sharing, but I knew that this wasn’t my home and I couldn’t stay forever. Somebody out there would see what a great dog I was. Wouldn’t they? But as many days passed, my ears drooped more and more in sadness as I wondered if it would ever happen.

One day, a young woman scooped me up and hugged me and called me “Jake.” I liked my new name. Was my new home going to be my forever home? I sure hoped so.

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Jake’s Journey Begins

Hi! My name is Jake. You might call me the boomerang dog for being almost adopted a bunch of times before I found my forever home. Now I can share my experiences with everyone, thanks to my hero, Daniel the Beagle.
I’m your classic all-American mixed breed dog. Sometimes it’s funny to hear people try to guess what I am. Hey, I’m a dog! And I’m lovable, smart, and pretty handsome, if I do say so myself. What more does anyone need to know?
I must have started life in a nice home because I’ve never been the least bit shy around anyone. For some reason, my people didn’t come looking for me when I ended up trying to get by on the streets in a small town. One day a lady put me in a cage in a truck. People called her the dog warden and some dogs had warned me to stay away from her, but she seemed nice enough. She gave me treats and petted me.
She took me to a not so nice place. It was a barn with big cages and some really big dogs. I just wagged my tail and they wagged right back. Still, it was a dark, scary place for a little guy like me. The lady apologized and promised to find a way to get me out soon.
Sure enough a friend of hers took me in as a foster dog. She’d even take me to work with her at her office. That was fun because I got to hang out where lots of people would talk to me and pet me. She said I was good therapy for the folks who came there. But she couldn’t keep me.
One day, a young man who used to come to the office decided I was the dog for him and off I went to live in his apartment. For lots of dogs, this would be the end of the story, and I’d live happily ever after with my new friend. I didn’t know it then, but it was just the beginning of my journey.

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