School time!

Hello Heroes!   I decided not to say “back to school” since can sometimes sound negative. I want you to be positive about another school year.

Change is happening again, going from summer to school time, and a new year with new things is going on.

I recently had a change too. My Dad was away for a while and now he is back home working hard. We will be seeing all of you again in October!

Being heroes means making good choices even when things are changing around us.

When you start classes, please be sure to be respectful to your new classmates. Making new friends is an exciting part of life.

Thank you for being heroes in my pack!

Love, Daniel


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Hello Heroes!

Hello Heroes!

When we last met, you were still in school. We talked about how we can all be heroes and I am sure you thought about some more ways while classes were still in session.

Now it is summer so things are a little different, but we still need to be heroes!!

With more time on our hands, getting into trouble is more of a possibility. This seems to happen to me when I’m in the house on a rainy day.

My Dad knows this so he makes sure I stay active by going for a walk as soon as possible and running through some sit and stay activities!

So, please stay active this summer, as it will help us be good heroes and will also help us feel well physically!

In addition, if you are walking and see a dog, please remember what I told you about the proper way to meet a dog you do not know. Ask first, then squat down and say hello as you approach the dog.

Most of all, this summer, I want you to have fun and enjoy the time off!!

I will see you soon!






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