Complete Your Family

When Daniel The Beagle survived the gas chamber he had a dream. Daniel wants to see a world where every dog is treated with love and respect and is part of a family. With about 4,000 a week losing their life in shelters alone, this dream needs some attention to become a reality.

The attention needed will take form in the strategies that make up Daniel’s Dream.

Any challenge that we face as a society requires effective education of the issues. Most people agree that the best place to educate is our youth. Our teens especially are subject to many emotional “toxins” such as comparing to others, conflicts, and the pressure to succeed in school. Our Knocking Out Toxins presentation delivers an inspirational message that bridges Daniel’s miracle survival of the toxic gas chamber to ways they can eliminate toxins in their own lives.

One toxin our society faces is a lack of compassion. At each school we visit, there will be an appeal to at least understand the need to be more compassionate to everyone, especially the animals that continue to die for no reason in our world.

Daniel’s Dream also embarks on a mission to save dogs that are on death row. Using a foster network as a starting point, dogs will be provided a temporary home while a search is done to find the best forever home. As the number of dogs placed in homes builds, so will the network and family of believers that Daniel’s dream can become a reality. One unique aspect of Daniel’s Dream will be to build a strong and dedicated group of adopters and teens that are present for our inspirational presentations. Everyone will have the opportunity to be part of Daniel’s Dream as we grow.

One of the unique aspects of Daniel’s Dream is the desire to bring 29 years of business experience blended with the discipline of Martial Arts training to assist other rescues in becoming more efficient.

Fundraising will be the foundation of the success of Daniel’s Dream. With a base of over 300,000 social media followers, there exists the strong possibility to develop and sustain an online fundraising strategy. Events will also be developed to increase the major donor base while building the number of constituents that will believe and then commit to the mission of Daniel’s Dream.

We are proud to say that our mission will bring strong support to two major areas. Our partnership with the education process for our teens across the country teamed with our rescue efforts will bring a strong partnership between education and rescue.

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