My Mission

My story has provided me with a great opportunity to spread positive messages. I hope to continue to be the face of anti-gassing legislation nationwide. As I have been able to do in Pennsylvania, I hope that “Daniel’s Law” will spread to other states still needing to outlaw this horrible process.

I am also dedicated to encouraging families to adopt! Just like the canine brothers and sisters that I live with, I went from being an “unwanted” dog to making my human and canine families very happy. Shelter dogs are GOOD dogs and deserve a chance to spend their lives with a family in a mutually happy situation.

Within each of these goals I am also looking to spread a message of compassionate love to humans. All too often our world is filled with negativity and discrimination. I hope to help others change their daily outlook and develop more positive interactions with all of the diverse people and animals they come into contact with.

Knowledge is Power

These resources can help us all understand what it really means to use carbon monoxide gas chambers. We are here to education and inform. We hope you will read through them. Knowledge is power and the more we know about these things the better.


Physiologic and behavioral evaluation of CO euthanasia of adult dogs

American Veterinary Medical Association, AVMA Guidelines on Euthansia (formerly, Report of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia), June 2007.

Clinical aspects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Euthanasia of Dogs and Cats with Carbon Monoxide. HSUS, 1985.

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