In the beginning…..

We all have a starting point in life where an event or individual gave us our “beginning”. My Dad’s was his brother, Fritz. He never referred to him as “his dog”, always as his brother, and that continues today. If not for Fritz, my dad would not be on his journey to promote my causes to help animals. Thank you Fritz!

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Opening Doors!

When the door opened I was alive and wagging my tail. Now We are seeking to open many promising doors to help animals. Door number one is to close down the use of the gas chambers in states that still use it. Door number two is to promote adoptions. Door number three is to promote spay/neuter. Door number four is to treat animals like valued/loving family members, and Door number five is to awaken people to learn great life lessons from their animal companions. Join us to roll through these door who knows what door is next??

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My Life

Everyone knows that I was given a second chance to live, but if we think about it, we all have a chance to “live” a life we want to with a new mindset. How about if we begin today? May I suggest that we breathe life into others by being kind and compassionate individuals to everyone we meet, even those that can make it difficult at times! Can we be extra nice to a stranger today?

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IAMS and Ricochet Team Up

Calling all animal lovers. Today I recieve an email from my friend Ricochet the Surf Dog. I have to share this with you as it is an incredible opportunity for you, me, him, and our 4 legged friends in need. Please read with an open mind and compassionate heart.

“Iams has offered to donate one bowl of senior plus dog or cat food for every new LIKE Ricochet gets on her FB page until 3/31, or until she hits 100K fans… whichever comes first.
We’re looking at 37,000 new fans which equal 37,000+ bowls of food for dogs or cats in rescues, shelters or service dog organizations!!
We don’t have much time to get 37,000 new likes, so we’re trying to make it go viral ASAP! Anything you can do to help get the word out for people to LIKE will help us reach our goal, so we can help organizations feed more animals.
We’re also looking for non profit rescues, shelters and service dog organizations that would like to be recipients of this campaign. The only criteria is that they need food & are a non profit. They can register by emailing with their org name, address & tax ID. 

Please, everyone reading this, if you are not a friend of Ricochet go ahead right now. It is the freest way to feed a hungry mouth.If you are a rescue submit you information it can’t hurt only help.

Good Luck Ricochet. We believe in you and support you.

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Human life lessons from Daniel

Many times the question has been asked of how I survived the gas chamber. My Dad, who speaks for me, has told many people that it is because of my incredible positive attitude. In several instances we hear about people who are stricken with a terrible disease or life crises and if they can garnish a positive attitude, their chances to not only get past the obstacle, but to thrive from it are greatly increased.

As I take a few minutes to rest before my quest for Hero Dog 2012, I wanted to share this life lesson with you.

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